We will be building a community of learning, where stduents, teachers and other members of the school will learn, teach and grow together. Our facilities:

  • Montessori approach of teaching
  • Large and well equipped playground.
  • Specious classrooms with limited students.
  • A child centered school with friendly and amicable environment.
  • Individual guidlines, instruction and assessment.
  • A wide range of extra -curricular activities such as scout, swimming, music dance, judo, takewondo, football, basketball, etc.
  • Junior classroom are facilitated with corners (reading corner, play corners, napping corners, story corners etc.)
  • Interactive and project based teaching.
  • Provision of smart board.

Butterfly Toddler (18months onward)

The toddler classroom offers, children from eighteen months to three years of age. A unique beginning of self-development in a warm atmosphere of special understanding and support. The experienced teaching staff fulfills the social, physical, emotional, developmental and psychological needs of each child. Our Toddler programs follows the Montessori philosophy that encourages vocabulary development, independence, and self-confidence for each child.

Bluebell Playgroup – Foundation Nursery (Age group 2 to 3+)

In this classroom, there is space for movement, individual work and group activities. Everything in the environment is proportionate to the child’s size and is designed to be safe and aesthetically pleasing and preparing for foundation group. The classroom offers an inviting extension (a “doorway”) between the child’s home and entrance into the future preschool classroom awaiting her/him.

Alphabet land Nursery (Age group4+)

Alphabet land presents opportunities to work in the development of language skills (phonics), basic math skills, sensorial exercises, practical life, art and music. The practical life areas is particularly emphasized as the activities at this age. It allows children the chance to develop skills to appropriately care for themselves and their environment. The Nursery get freedom to overcome by themselves and guidance provided in the Nursery classroom in a safe nurturing environment is overseen by a Montessori teacher and two capable assistants. Through these positive daily activates, even the young child will gain an appreciation and respect for his/her environment and for his/her peers.

Bussy bees’ kindergarten (Age group 5+)

The kindergarten offers a varied curriculum using the children’s interests as our starting point. We then develop their ideas through the six areas of learning with activities, which gives opportunities to explore experiment, gain confidence, inabilities and independence in their learning. Observation, assessments and recording always help to monitor their development.

Twinkling Stars Primary Education (class 1 to 3)

Primary education provides child centered education with friendly and amicable environment, individual guidelines, instructions and assessment. Class room are faciliated with corners. A wide range of extra-curricular and co-curricular activites are additional facilities of primary level.

High School Education (Class 4 and above)

Grade four up to high school includes national curriculum tailored to its needs of Columbus School such as English, Nepali, Mathematic, Social Studies, Science, Health and Physical Education, Vocational education, Computer Science and Moral Education. Beside other co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. A modern teaching pedagogy and multimedia is widely used in order to impart education laying emphasis on fostering discipline and moral values among the students of higher grades.

Normal 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM
Morning services 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM
Evening services 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

School Days
Sunday to Friday

Sunday clube