Columbus school offers a multi-faceted and balanced curriculum from the play group to the high school level, which includes the national curriculum and the examination through varieties of teaching approaches, providing wide-ranging educational tools and introduces a holistic teaching approach. This enables the children to explore the things around them. Columbus aims to enable children to develop intellectually, socially and emotionally according to their own needs and capacities in a homely atmosphere and facilitates them to acquire an admiration of each other’s culture too. Excellent standards of courtesy, discipline, sensitivity, care, belongingness and self-respect are constantly fostered.

Keeping in view the principles and norms of equality, harmony and diversity, practitioners ensure that their own knowledge about difficult cultural groups is updated and supported to form their own attitudes towards the people who are different from themselves. All the areas of learning and development are connected to one another and are equally important. Communication is the strong and faithful aspect, for which children use language through sounds, letters, hearing, reading and writing. Children will acquire the skills of problem solving, reasoning and numeric concepts, through which they can calculate and measure their knowledge and ultimately understand the way of the world. By yoga, aerobic, music and movement, children can develop physically. Art and craft, project work, and research work help the children for their creative development and support them to explore and develop self-imagination and innovation.

In a nutshell, every child has a distinctive learning style and unique instructional needs. The school prescribes two versions of the Columbus curriculum to address those varying needs—each providing a different instructional focus in the key subject areas. Pupils from the Kindergarten to the high school will be engaged in learning activities i.e. Academic, Social, Psychological and Moral Development that build the foundation for upper grades.