We believe that every child is a unique individual with their own characteristic and temperament. Children need a loving and close relationship with people taking care of them to create a new generation with a caring and responsible attitude to society and the future of Nepal. Young children learn most effectively through hands on experience. It is our challenges as well as opportunities to establish high academic standards which help to develop the children’s linguistic, numaratic spiritual, emotional and social skills: in short all-round development of the child.

A step in right direction can lead to the journey of miles, education, in the context of Nepal, is hope for development. The school has maintained a true modern-day marvel, which is among one of the best and high standards quality education catering ...

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Principal’s Message

I am privileged to be part of Columbus School, which I reckon has to come a long way. As we have a common vision to establish it as a unique institution providing a quality education of an international standard and focusing on a holistic education, I am quite optimistic that it will stand out from the existing institutions in the ...

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About Us

Columbus School

Our teams' best effort will be focused with the belief that every child is unique individual with their own characteristics and temperament by learning with practical methods, varieties of activities and moral education so as to develop their psychological and physical needs.

Play learn and grow together!

A place where all the darling little angels feel at home!

The school offers well planned theme series, implements the national curriculum and examination syllable efficiently through a variety of teaching approaches, providing wide ranging educational tools and introduces a holistic teaching approach. This enables the children to explore the things around them.



Columbus School Buddhanagar- 10, New Baneshwor Katmandu, Nepal


Telephone: +977-01- 4780976/ 4780433